Monthly Archives: August 2012

CFL Charlie can Teach Kids about Energy

Learning about energy is fun with CFL Charlie™! This Touchstone Energy Cooperative “Super Energy Saver” program is a fully integrated energy education campaign that includes web-based lessons, including activities, games and printed materials. The program teaches children about energy, electrical safety, energy efficiency and renewable energy. The lessons and activities… Read More»

NC GreenPower to Change Premium Rates for Small Solar

NC GreenPower maximum premium for all new small solar PV agreements of 5 kW or less will be adjusted to $0.08 per kWh generated, effective September 10, 2012. This represents a change from the current rate of $0.10 and will be effective for all applications received after September 10, 2012.… Read More»

Generator Safety

Portable generators are a good source of alternate power if an outage occurs, but they should only be used in emergency situations. If a generator is improperly installed or improperly operated it can be deadly. If your emergency situation requires that a generator be connected to your home, have a… Read More»

Beat The Peak Program Needs You

Piedmont Electric’s new Beat The Peak program is off to a great start! We know the importance of reducing energy demand during peak hours and we have developed a program where we can notify your before a peak time. This new program is designed to minimize our power costs during… Read More»