Monthly Archives: December 2016

Offices Closed Monday, January 2nd for New Years Holiday

Piedmont Electric’s office will be closed on Monday, January 2nd for the New Years holiday. Employees will be on call. If you need to report an outage, please call our Outage Reporting Number: 1.919.449.2667 If you need to make a payment you can call our Automated Payment Line 1.877.999.3394 or… Read More»

Emergency Heat Reminder

Remember: DO NOT use the emergency heat on your thermostat unless it is truly an emergency, as these settings are much more expensive to run.

Right of Way Clearing: Frequently Asked Questions

Piedmont Electric recognizes that trees and other plants are beneficial to accenting our homes and beautifying our communities. However, trees growing in the wrong place can be dangerous. Here to explain the importance of tree and vegetation clearing is Jerry Phelps, Right of Way Supervisor at Piedmont Electric. Jerry is… Read More»

Renting? You can still save energy!

Use energy-efficient light bulbs Those old incandescent bulbs may be cheaper at the store than LEDs, but incandescent bulbs have a shorter life and cost more to use. Replacing just the five most frequently used lights in your apartment with ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs can save more than $65 a… Read More»