Monthly Archives: January 2019

Types of heat pumps

There are three main types of heat pump systems. Use the information below to determine the system that’s best suited for your climate and home. Air-source heat pumps Most commonly used heat pumps. Moves heat rather than converting it from a fuel like combustion heating systems do. Can reduce heating… Read More»

SmartHub, the smartest way to manage your bill

Life is busy, let us make it a little easier with SmartHub, your one-stop shop for all your account needs. Here are some of the ways that SmartHub can help: Get alerts about your energy use One of the best ways to reduce the amount of your bill is to… Read More»

Show your home some love with our Home Energy Advisor tool!

Have you ever wondered which parts of your home need the most love? At Piedmont Electric, our members have access to a free online tool that analyzes your home’s size, insulation, HVAC system and more. After entering your home’s details, you’ll get a personalized list of ways to save both… Read More»

Winter storm restoration with Lineman Donovan Williams

When freezing rain, strong winds and piles of snow blow through our territory, it can cause power outages. Winter weather commonly breaks off tree branches and causes trees to uproot and fall into the power lines, but thankfully we have our skilled and dedicated linemen ready to respond. To better… Read More»