Yearly Archives: 2021

Supporting Our Youth

Here at Piedmont Electric, we’re proud to support the youth in our cooperative through our Helping Hand Foundation and Touchstone Energy. Share these community initiatives with the students in your life today! College Scholarships Each year, the Helping Hand Foundation awards scholarships to high school seniors in our service area… Read More»

Be Ready for Whatever Winter Weather Comes Our Way

Winter weather has arrived in North Carolina. Are you prepared? Here’s a closer look at what you can do and what we’ll do as your cooperative when winter storms hit. What You Can Do Stay safe. During winter storms, it’s not uncommon to see downed power lines in your neighborhood.… Read More»

Piedmont Electric Office Hours Effective July 1

For much of the past two decades, we have seen a year-over-year reduction in the number of members who come to our office to make a payment. Conversely, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the number of phone calls, emails, social media messages and other forms of digital communications from our… Read More»

‘Tis the season for capital credits

Were you a member of Piedmont Electric in 1994 or 1995? If so, you’ll receive some of the $1.3 million in capital credits Piedmont Electric is returning to members this month. Here’s everything you need to know. What are capital credits and how are they calculated? Because we’re a not-for-profit… Read More»

Now is the Perfect Time to Switch to Paperless Billing

With the holiday season upon us, postal workers are busier than ever. As they work hard to get packages and holiday cards delivered to the correct destinations, the post office might start to slow down due to the extra volume of mail. If you’re still receiving your paper bill through… Read More»

December 2021 Capital Credits

What are capital credits and how are they calculated? Because we’re a not-for-profit cooperative, we give profits (known as margins) back to our members in the form of capital credits. The amount you’re owed is based upon the amount of revenue you contribute to the cooperative through payment of your… Read More»

Practice safe heating methods in your home

Space heaters can warm a small area quickly, but there are safety and financial concerns to consider. Visit and use our space heater calculator to total up how much it costs to run your space heater. Space heater safety tips Keep space heaters at least 10 feet away from… Read More»