Monthly Archives: February 2022

How Energy Efficient is Your Home?

There’s more to your bill than just how you use energy in your daily routine. If you’ve been practicing good energy habits and participating in Piedmont Electric’s moneysaving programs, it can be frustrating to feel like your efforts aren’t reflected on your bill. As it turns out, your home is… Read More»

Understanding What Affects Your Electric Bill

Have you ever looked at your electric bill and thought, “I haven’t done anything differently, so why is my bill fluctuating?” You’re not alone. It’s a common question we hear from members and we’re here to try to help you better understand factors that affect your bill. While being mindful… Read More»

Bundle and save

When you combine our programs and rebates, you can maximize your savings. Our goal is to help our members save money and energy by offering a variety of programs to fit every lifestyle. But don’t limit yourself by just signing up for one! Combine these programs together to maximize your… Read More»

Making changes to your home’s electrical?

Talking with your cooperative first could save you time and money. When you’re planning an exciting new home renovation project, it can feel like you have a never-ending list of things to get done. Well, if your project includes updates to your home’s electrical wiring, there’s an important item to… Read More»