Author: Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation

Serving on the Piedmont Electric board of directors

Piedmont Electric is your local electric cooperative and we are guided by a board of directors made up of 10 Piedmont Electric members from across our service area. These board members provide guidance, oversite and help craft the strategic direction of the cooperative along with cooperative staff. This process sets… Read More»

Rider changes for 2020

At Piedmont Electric we work hard to keep rates low year for our members and are pleased that our energy charge for residential members will not change; however a small increase to our facilities charge was necessary. This change was originally planned for May but was delayed because of the… Read More»

Celebrating the cooperative spirit

Throughout National Co-op Month, we celebrate the aspects that make being a cooperative unique. One such quality is that as a cooperative, we’re part of a larger network. Take a look at how your locally-owned co-op is strengthened through the sixth cooperative principle, cooperation among cooperatives. Storm support Through mutual… Read More»

Strong today, stronger tomorrow

As a member of an electric cooperative, you’re not just one person in a sea of customers. Instead, you’re part of the Piedmont Electric community. This means, as members, we can work together to make a difference for all of us. For example, we all have the power to help… Read More»

Someone you know could have money waiting for them!

Unclaimed capital credits On the inside cover of this magazine, you may have seen our seven cooperative principles. This is the perfect example of the third principle in action! As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, we return any margins to members each year as capital credits. However, sometimes members move out… Read More»

The 7 Cooperative Principles that guide us daily

Since our cooperative was founded in 1938, we’ve put our members first by following a set of core values and principles. They’ve guided us through changing and challenging times and we know they will usher us into a stronger and brighter future for our co-op. VOLUNTARY AND OPEN MEMBERSHIPCooperatives are… Read More»

Light up your autumn nights

Fall officially begins this month and the days are starting to get shorter. Why not update your outdoor space this season with a new security light so you can enjoy more time outside? Piedmont Electric’s outdoor security light program As a member of our cooperative, you can choose from more… Read More»

Always here for each other

September marks Preparedness Month which serves as a reminder to stay prepared for natural disasters and emergencies. This is especially fitting here in North Carolina as September is the month we typically experience the highest level of hurricane activity in our state. To celebrate Preparedness Month, let’s take a closer… Read More»

Piedmont Electric announces carbon reduction goals

Being a local cooperative, Piedmont Electric is concerned about more than just delivering affordable, reliable power. One of our core principles is to look out for the communities we serve to ensure they remain a good place to live, work and raise a family. Towards that principle, Piedmont Electric has… Read More»

Broadband pilot program progress update

November 2020 – Free WiFi hotspot locations announced Since Piedmont Electric and RiverStreet Networks announced the launch of their broadband pilot program in December 2019, we are 50 percent towards our goal of members expressing an interest in a better internet service (as of Oct. 30). While long-term internet solutions… Read More»