Emergency Outage Website Activated for Piedmont Electric

Piedmont Electric is bringing in outside crews from neighboring co-ops as well as contractors to help in our restoration efforts associated from this winter storm.  Outages are resulting primarily from trees falling on power lines or ice weighing down trees onto power lines.  Outages continue to climb as the result of this ice storm. Please stay away from downed power lines because they can still be energized and therefore dangerous or even deadly.  No one except a trained line technician should handle or be near a downed power line.  The public is asked to report downed power lines by calling Piedmont Electric at 800.222.3107.   At 1036am Piedmont Electric had 16,365 outages with the majority of the outages in Orange, Durham and Alamance counties.  Please view our Outage Viewer to keep updated on outage restoration efforts.  Piedmont Electric members are asked to call us directly at 800.449.2667 to report an outage. To ensure your safety during this winter weather, please see our safety information. Please visit Steps to Restoring Power on our website to learn more about the restoration process Piedmont Electric follows during outages. Pay close attention to Step 5 which may help explain why your power doesn’t return when you see lights on at your neighbors.