Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are being made available in the marketplace and we are ready to help you navigate this new technology. If you own or are considering the purchase of a plug-in electric vehicle, please let us know so that we can ensure our equipment is set up to properly handle the increased load and help you save energy and money!


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Is an EV right for you?

Wondering if an EV would fit your lifestyle or budget? We want to be your source of power and information and can help you learn how an EV might work for you and save you money! Contact us for more information about EVs at 800.222.3107. For more information on electric vehicles, check out NC Drive Electric.


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EV time-of-day rate

This new rate schedule has been designed specifically for EV owners who use most of their energy overnight charging their vehicle. If you’re an EV owner and would like to lower your energy bill, simply switch to the new EV rate, plug-in your vehicle before bed and save money while you sleep!


Rebates and incentives

Not only will we help you save money with your electric vehicle, but the state and federal government will too!


Charging stations near you

View a listing of electric vehicle charging stations near you and across the country.


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Electric vehicle calculator

Use our electric vehicle calculator to figure out your charging needs based on numerous factors including vehicle type, driving frequency and driving distance.



Terms & Conditions

For more information on electric vehicle rates and terms and conditions, click here, and check out page 27.