Business Participation

Co-op-Connections-CardAbout the Co-op Connections® Program

Thank you for your interest in the Co-op Connections® program! The Co-op Connections® program was developed to deliver more value to members and assist participating businesses in increasing customer visits. There is no charge to businesses to participate in the program, and no charge for members to use it. This program gives businesses the opportunity to offer Piedmont Electric’s 31,000+ cooperative members valuable discounts. What’s more, your offers will also be available to millions of other cooperative members all across the nation! This means that the Co-op Connections® program card is valid across the United States, regardless of the co-op’s name on the front of the card. Piedmont Electric members have already received their Co-op Connections® cards and are already taking advantage of the national offers available to them. We hope you will join these national businesses to make the program even more valuable to our members, our communities and our local economy. When you sign on to participate, we promote your business and discount offers to our members at no cost to you.

How does it work?

Local participating businesses sign a one-year or continuous contract by offering discounts to Piedmont Electric’s members. When our members show their Co-op Connections© Card at your local participating business, you offer those co-op customers a discount on products or services. There is no cost to participate other than discount you’re already offering.

Please fill out the Co-op Connections® contract to begin your participation!