Save Money

A large part of Piedmont Electric’s power supply costs is determined by energy used during peak load periods.  That means when you participate in the programs below, you’re doing your part to help lower costs, not only for yourself, but for the whole cooperative. These money-saving programs are easy to manage and may even provide credits on your bill! 


Time-of-Day Rates

Pay a lower rate when you use energy during off-peak hours.

Smart Thermostat Program

Smart thermostat owners can save money and lower their monthly bill by signing up for our program.

Beat the Peak

Help us, help you by enrolling in this program that advises you when to conserve energy during peak times.

Rebates & Loans

Through our rebates and loans, anyone is able to acquire energy efficient tools and save money in the process.

101 Energy Saving Tips

Interested in saving money throughout the year? Check out our 101 no/low cost tips for saving energy!

Electric Vehicle Time-of-Day Rate

Learn more about the new rates for electric vehicles owners.

Special Rates

Piedmont Electric offers special rates for members who take additional measures to limit their electrical use.

Load Management

Install switches to turn off your A/C and/or electric water heater unit in order to reduce usage and save money.