Holiday Gifts for Energy Savings

Holiday Gifts for Energy Savings

The holiday season is upon us, and for many members of Piedmont Electric, that means gift giving, decorations and (combined with colder weather) a higher energy bill in January. Luckily, there are a number of products on the market that not only make fantastic gifts, but can also help you and your family better control your energy bill! Below is a list of our favorites to make your holiday shopping as easy, and energy efficient, as possible:

Solar USB Chargers

Solar chargers are cool gadgets that can charge everything from cell phones to tablets. Take this opportunity to slip one in a stocking, and use it to teach the receiver about solar and other forms of renewable energy.


Get your entire family a micro fleece blanket for cold winter mornings. With a variety of designs available (including sports logos and pop culture icons) you’re sure to be able to find one to fit everyone’s interests! Plus, with the whole family wrapped up, you can turn down the heat and save some energy!

LED Bulbs

Maybe not the most exciting gift you’ve ever given, but if you’re looking to round off your giving this year with a stocking-stuffer that can create real energy savings, look no further than LED bulbs. Most hardware stores sell LED bulbs for under $10. Plus Piedmont Electric’s residential lighting program offers $1 per LED light bulb purchase, up to $15 per year, per member with a receipt.

Bonus: Energy-Efficient Power Strips 

Take care of yourself this holiday season too! Your entertainment system and decorations will run up your electric bill. A power strip with auto shut-off technology makes sure that your electronics don’t consume more energy than you expect. Even without this feature, turning off your power strips can save around $100 a year on your power bill!