Multi-State Scam Claims Obama Will Pay Your Utility Bill

Members are warned that a new scheme claiming the President Obama will pay your utility bills is spreading across the country. The pitch claims that funds released by the Obama administration are available to help pay utility bills and attempts to collect social security numbers and bank account information. Although various government programs to assist low-income households with their utility bills do exist, there is no government program that provides blanket grants to cover everyone’s utility bills in full for a whole month.

Please use caution when releasing sensitive information and thoroughly investigate programs that sound “too good to be true.” If you have been approached by someone attempting to collect personal information, please contact local law enforcement. If you have questions about a current program, or need our assistance, please contact Piedmont Electric at 800.222.3107.

To investigate a scam, visit Snopes is an internet resource dedicated to discovering the truth about suspected scams and urban legends.