NC Cooperatives Offer Practical Help to Political Candidates

Across the country, local cooperatives have helped hundreds of political candidates learn more about running effective campaigns. Now, Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation along with the North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives and the North Carolina Credit Union League will hold a Campaign Academy in North Carolina. At the Campaign Academy, candidates will learn the dynamics of campaigns from instructors with real-world campaign experience.
The cooperatives’ non-partisan Campaign Academy is open to potential candidates, first-time candidates or experienced candidates who need more knowledge about effective campaigns. Topics include:
Effective fundraising
State campaign finance laws
Campaign communications
The cost of a campaign
Grassroots campaigning
Since their founding, cooperatives have built strong relationships with local community leaders, including elected officials. When candidates effectively communicate their messages, the voters also benefit. The Campaign Academy can help create better campaigns that help the candidates and the voters.
Anyone thinking about running for office, starting a campaign or running for re-election in a tough district can benefit from the knowledge gained at the Campaign Academy. The academy will be held at the Holiday Inn in Rocky Mount on January 28th, the Doubletree Hotel in Fayetteville on January 29, and the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hickory on January 30, 2014.
The cost is $30 per person.
If you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about effective campaign strategy, please contact Rachel Phelps Hawkins at Piedmont EMC (919.644.3402) or Brandon Reed (919.875.3107) to learn more about the Campaign Academy sponsored by your local electric cooperative.

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