Outage Restoration Continues - 11,700+ Restored

By10am this morning we had restored power to more than 11,700 customers and will continue working around the clock until all customers’ power is restored.  Major damage is being reported throughout our service area with downed trees in the power lines and broken poles.  Line Crews from all over North Carolina were brought in to help with the power restoration.  Over 220 additional workers are assisting Piedmont’s crews.  With all these resources we expect to make significant progress again today.  Of utmost importance is the safety of our customers and employees.  Please stay clear of downed power lines and if you have an emergency generator don’t connect it directly to your house wiring without the assistance of a licensed electrician.  The power from the generator could flow back up into the power lines and create a hazard for the crews and the public. We want to thank you for your patience and want to assure you that we will work around the clock to get your power back on as soon as possible. Circuits that feed power to you start at a substation that can be up to ten miles away from your home.  The first step in restoring power after a major storm is to get the circuits energized.  Then we can work on any damage to the wires leading to your home.  The goal is to first repair the lines that can get power to the greatest number of people.  In the early stages of a major storm restoration, like yesterday, you may not see crews working near your home but be assured they are working on lines that feed power to your home even if you can’t see the them or they don’t stop at your house.

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