Piedmont Electric Awards $1.2 Million Loan to City of Mebane

January 6, 2014 – The fire department of Mebane, North Carolina will soon be better prepared for emergencies with the help of Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation. Piedmont Electric awarded the city a $1,268,000 zero interest loan that will be used to purchase two fire trucks, as well as other equipment, for a new fire station. The funds are part of the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant program (REDLG), which provides zero-interest loans and grants to local cooperatives; such as, Piedmont Electric. The cooperatives, in turn, lend money to local businesses for projects that help to create jobs in rural areas. The fire station project will create 12 new jobs in the area, while also reducing response times during emergency calls. Currently, firefighters have to cross a set of train tracks for 66% of fire calls and requests for emergency medical services. The new station will be constructed across town in the Mebane-Oaks area south of Interstate 85, diminishing the train track crossing encumbrance and improving emergency response times for the south side of the city. “We are very dedicated to the communities in which we provide electricity and are working in multiple ways to support job growth and improve the quality of life in these communities,” said R. G. Brecheisen, President and CEO of Piedmont Electric.  “We are pleased that we were able to provide a funding mechanism to help the City of Mebane’s fire department expand and improve these vital services for its residents.” “Equipment, especially the trucks are at the heart of a fire station,” said Mebane Fire Chief Bob Louis, “The fire trucks that we will be purchasing with this loan will be a very visible part of the community for years to come.” Mebane will spend over 2 million dollars on the physical construction of a new fire station. Piedmont Electric’s loan will go exclusively toward trucks and equipment. “The City of Mebane is grateful to the leadership at Piedmont Electric to their commitment to the community and to economic development.  This partnership with the support of the US Government, in this case, the Department of Agriculture, is the key to keeping our communities strong and vibrant,” said Glendel Stephenson, Mayor of Mebane. “I’m excited about the project,” said Randy Kinley, Board Director of Piedmont Electric, representing Mebane area electric members, “It is special when we can allocate funds to a project that makes such a difference in our community. We’re building our economy and helping to improve lives, that is the definition of rural development.” A portion of the funds once repaid will be re-loaned to assist with future projects in the Piedmont Electric service area.   Photo Caption:  Celebrating the $1,268,000 zero-interest loan of Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation to the City of Mebane on Monday evening, Jan. 6 are (l-r) Rep. Stephen Ross, Sen. Rick Gunn, Mebane Mayor Pro Tem Ed Hooks, Mebane Mayor Glendel Stephenson, City Councilman Tim Bradley, City Councilwoman Jill Auditori, City Councilman Everette Greene, PEMC Manager Susan Cashion, City Councilwoman Patty Philipps, PEMC Chairman Bill Barber, PEMC President and CEO Randy Brecheisen, PEMC Director Randy Kinley, PEMC Director Cy Vernon, PEMC Treasurer Richal Vanhook, PEMC Director Steve Long, PEMC Vice Chairman Paul Bailey, PEMC Secretary Sam Woods, and Rep. Dennis Riddell. (Photo: Courtesy of the Mebane Enterprise)

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