Piedmont EMC Helps Local School Grow

Piedmont EMC, located in Hillsborough, NC, secured a $300,000 grant from USDA Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program to assist Bethel Hill Charter School in their construction of a new classroom building. The Bethel Hill Charter School, located in Person County, NC, will spend $1.3 million total for the construction of the new facility.  The additional funds required for the new school facility are coming from a USDA loan available for improvement of community facilities and a $60,000 matching fund portion from Piedmont EMC.

The new 9,400-square-foot building will house eight classrooms to accommodate the school’s growing student population and the addition of two to three more teachers. Bethel Hill Charter School currently has 385 students from Person, Caldwell, Granville and Durham counties.

The funding Piedmont EMC acquired from the USDA, along with the matching portion, will continue to benefit the community once the loan is repaid.  The $300,000 zero-interest grant and $60,000 matching loan from the cooperative will go into a revolving loan fund for Piedmont EMC which can then be re-loaned back into the community for other needed projects.