Residential/Small General Service Time-of-Day Plug-In Electric Vehicle Rate

Service Agreement for Time-of-Day Rates

The undersigned hereby applies for and agrees to billing under the terms and conditions of Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation’s Time-of-Day Rate: R/SGS-TOD-PEC (Linked). Not Available with Net Metered Rates at this service location for a period of no less than 12 months from the member’s first regular meter reading date following the date of this agreement.

The Member further agrees to the following: 

During the first six months of this agreement: 
The member may cancel this agreement and return to the preexisting rate schedule with no penalty. The member has the option, at the time of cancellation of this agreement, to have their bill recalculated under the terms and conditions of the previous rate schedule for the most recent three months billing under this agreement. From the time of cancellation forward, the member will be billed under the preexisting rate schedule. By returning to the preexisting rate schedule, you are subject to repayment of the $50 promotional EV Time-of-Day rebate.

During the second six months of this agreement:
The member may cancel this agreement subject to the terms and conditions of the Time-of-Day Rate Schedule. These conditions include a meter reprogramming fee ($50) and no retroactive billing adjustments.


Residential/Small General Service Time-of-Day Rate Plug-In Electric Vehicle Rates

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