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As a cooperative member, you can take advantage of the technical experts at Piedmont Electric. Advice on new HVAC appliances, as well as in-home energy audits are all FREE to our members. Explore the programs below for more information:


Home Energy Audits

A home energy analysis is free to all consumers and specialists will help to make your home more comfortable.

HVAC Technical Advice

HVAC technicians can provide consumers with operational advice and technical assistance.

Business Energy Advisor

Tips on energy saving strategies, carbon reduction, etc.

Questline for Commercial Members

Questline provides a database for all customers to utlilize when a technical question arises or research help is needed.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Piedmont Electric can install and maintain outdoor lighting to keep you outside longer and feeling more secure.

Electric Vehicles

Our experts are here to help you find the best way to charge your electric vehicle at the lowest cost to you and the cooperative.

Standby Generators

Piedmont Electric provides consumers with the option to install a standby generator in the event of an extended power outage.

Live Outage Map

Live Map Outage
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Report an Outage

If you are without electricity, please call 800.449.2667.
Thank you!

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