Calculators & Apps

Easily understand your energy use

Managing your energy use might not seem worthwhile, but when you see how you use energy or how much others use, savings opportunities can begin to appear. Try these online calculators and smart web apps today.

Energy Advisor

This service provides cost saving reccomendations and calculates actual power-usage around the home.

SmartHub Online Bill Pay

Manage your account and pay your bill from the comfort of your home.

Lighting Calculator

Did you know that you can save money just by changing light bulbs? Find out how much with our Lighting Calculator

Appliance Calculator

Find out how much it costs you to operate your household appliances.

Electric Vehicle Calculator

Calculate your estimated monthly fuel savings when driving an electric vehicle.

Space Heater Calculator

How much will that new space heater really cost you? Find out with this interactive calculator.

Heating Calculator

Here you are able to interpret your annual heating costs compared to other and more efficient heating alternatives.

Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to explore differences in residential rate models.