Save Money On Your Energy Bill by Signing Up for Load Control!

If you sign up for Piedmont EMC’s Load Control Program, you will benefit from the program in two ways:
  1. You will receive credits on your electric bill.
  2. You are helping hold the line on power costs by allowing your co-op to reduce electric load at high demand peaks.

This PEMC Load Control Program provides some important facts about the program and your LC (Load Control) switch.

Load control is one of the easiest way for members to become active in their cooperative, and save some money on their monthly bill. We install load control switches on your meter and then, when we forecast very hot afternoons (the times of highest energy demand, usually between 1-7PM in the summer), our switches cycle your air conditioner and turn off your electric water heater to reduce usage. This helps all of our members save money, and pays you too.

Air Conditioning Programs

  • Load Control: Pays $2.50/month*
  • Load Control Plus: Pays $5.00/month*
  • Total Control: Pays $7.50/month*

*Program pays 4 months per year

Water Heater Program

  • Full Control: pays $1/month**

**Program pays 12 months per year

Interested in Signing Up?

Contact us or call 800.222.3107 to speak to a representative.