Storm Update: Co-op Crews Coming to Assist with Storm Restoration

Crews from South River EMC headquartered in Dunn and contract crews from Surry Yadkin EMC headquartered in Dobson are heading our way to assist with restoration efforts.  Crews will be working around the clock until all outages are restored.
Heavy, wet snow has caused these outages, as the snow and ice weigh down power lines and snap tree limbs.  Piedmont Electric has been at work since the outages started occurring early this morning.  We have made progress in restoring power and significant progress is expected as the day continues.
In the event of an outage, an alternate heating source—such as a fireplace, propane space heater, or wood stove—may be used, but extreme caution should be taken. Do not use charcoal or a gas-powered oven for heating. If you use a portable generator to power a heating source, be sure the generator is located outside your house for proper ventilation. Do not use a generator in an attached garage. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for operating the generator.

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