Will you sell our data?

No. Piedmont Electric complies with all federal laws regarding the privacy, protection and disclosure of personal information. We do not sell member data to any third party and the data from these meters is strictly confidential and only used for electrical distribution, monitoring and billing purposes.

How will these advanced meters benefit members?

Advanced meters will help Piedmont Electric continue to provide affordable energy and reliable service, while providing these additional improvements: Improve electric service reliability – The information provided by these enhanced meters is valuable for delivering electricity reliably and efficiently meaning fewer outages, blinks and surges. In addition, these new meters… Read More»

Where can members access their electricity usage information?

For years, members have been able to access their daily and monthly electricity usage online through Piedmont Electric’s SmartHub portal. With these new meters, members can view their hourly electric use online through SmartHub. Having access to more timely and detailed information about electric use will allow members to make… Read More»

What is the installation process?

You will first be notified by the cooperative before the new meter installation will occur in your area. Before we access your meter at your home or business, we will give a courtesy    knock on your door. You do not have to be present for the install. Installation should take… Read More»