What are peak times?

Peak times are the times of day when people are using the greatest amount of electricity. A part of power supply costs is determined by energy used during peak times. If we can reduce the amount of energy used during these peak times by using smart thermostats, we can reduce… Read More»

Can renters join?

Yes! All you need is a Nest smart thermostat, Wi-Fi and permission from your landlord or apartment complex to install a smart thermostat.

What can serve as my proof of purchase?

By completing these two steps, you are providing proof of purchase. Sign up for our Smart Thermostat Savings Program online through the Nest website. Complete the Piedmont Electric terms of agreement for your Nest smart thermostat.

Are they worth the price?

Smart thermostat users save an estimated 10-23% on their energy bills per year according to studies conducted by Nest and Ecobee producers. And that’s not the only way you save as a smart thermostat owner. Check out the four different ways you can save as a Piedmont Electric member below!… Read More»

What can a smart thermostat do for me?

Smart thermostats pay attention to your habits at home before beginning to self-adjust in order to save energy when you’re away. The smart thermostat that works with our savings program is the Nest thermostat.