What are the benefits of net metering?

Net metering has the potential to save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their utility bills every year. Unfortunately, this usually does not offset the high cost of installing their solar energy system.

Can a solar array fully power a home?

Yes and no. An appropriately sized solar system will provide most of the power a member’s home needs during the daytime, but at night and on cloudy days, it will not. Our electric grid will supply energy to our net metering members during the times their systems are not producing… Read More»

Who can participate in Piedmont Electric’s net metering program?

Residential, commercial and industrial members that meet the requirements of Piedmont Electric’s Interconnection Policy are eligible to participate. The most common net metering members are residential members with solar systems that generate no greater than 25 kW. A larger commercial or industrial member will have a different rate and set… Read More»

How does net metering work?

With net metering, any energy generated that is not being used by the homeowner is fed into the electric grid. When this happens, the member’s meter runs in reverse. When a member’s system isn’t producing enough electricity (like at night or on cloudy days) members can draw from the grid.… Read More»

What is net metering?

Net metering is a utility billing process that allows members with distributed generation systems, like solar, to subtract the electrcity generated at their home from what they use. This helps to reduce their monthly power bill. If the generation is more than the member’s entire electricity consumption during the month,… Read More»

Will you sell our data?

No. Piedmont Electric complies with all federal laws regarding the privacy, protection and disclosure of personal information. We do not sell member data to any third party and the data from these meters is strictly confidential and only used for electrical distribution, monitoring and billing purposes.