Are they worth the price?

Smart thermostat users save an estimated 10-23% on their energy bills per year according to studies conducted by Nest and Ecobee producers. And that’s not the only way you save as a smart thermostat owner. Check out the four different ways you can save as a Piedmont Electric member below!

1. Receive an initial rebate for your smart thermostat by signing up for the program and providing proof of purchase.* (This can be a new purchase or a past purchase).

2. Get a credit on your bill just for being a part of the program.*

3. Decrease your bill by lowering your energy use as your smart thermostat cools and heats your home more efficiently.

4. Help us reduce our peak which helps keep rates low. Programs like our smart thermostat program, load control, Beat the Peak and time-of-day rates all help reduce our peak and save money. As a not-for-profit cooperative, when Piedmont Electric saves, you save too!

*Savings program credits and rebate terms and conditions can be found here.