How can I save money on my electric bill?

We have a variety of programs designed to help you save money!

Load Management: We install load control switches on your meter and then, when we forecast high demand (very hot afternoons in the summer), our switches cycle your air conditioner and turn of your electric water heater to reduce usage. This helps both you and the co-op save money. Plus, program participants receive credits for being part of the program!

Special Rates: In addition to the standard rates, Piedmont Electric has special rates for consumers who take additional measures to limit electrical use. Time-of-day rates, Energy Efficiency Rate, Residential Service Energy Star rate and Renewable Energy rates are available to residential and commercial customers.

Rebates & Loans: We offer a variety of rebates and loans for our members. Details can be found on our Rebates & Loans page.

Visit our Save Money page to learn more about these options and energy saving tips.