How will these advanced meters benefit members?

Advanced meters will help Piedmont Electric continue to provide affordable energy and reliable service, while providing these additional improvements:

  • Improve electric service reliability – The information provided by these enhanced meters is valuable for delivering electricity reliably and efficiently meaning fewer outages, blinks and surges. In addition, these new meters can sense if your home has a power outage, meaning a faster response time.
  • Enhance member service – Through remote capabilities, Piedmont Electric can provide faster service connections, provide information about power consumption patterns, outage and blink count history, which can help to reduce energy use questions and high bill concerns.
  • Help members conserve energy and save money – These meters can help you better understand how much electricity you are using throughout the day through your SmartHub By using electricity more efficiently, members can realize savings on their electric bills. In addition, these new meters will provide a greater variety of rate options to members to help save energy and money.
  • Lower cooperative expenses – Piedmont Electric can operate more efficiently with the information provided by advanced meters, a savings we pass on to our members.
  • Environmental benefits – The new meter data will empower members to take control of their energy budget. It will enable decisions to be made that conserve energy and natural resources, minimizing the impact on the environment.