What are peak times?

Peak times are the times of day when people are using the greatest amount of electricity. A part of power supply costs is determined by energy used during peak times. If we can reduce the amount of energy used during these peak times by using smart thermostats, we can reduce Piedmont Electric’s power costs and save our members money.

Think about energy use and peak times like cars and traffic. As more cars hit the highway at the end of the workday, the more congested the roads become.
A similar issue happens when the temperatures outside start to rise in the summer and more people begin to crank up their air condition. This causes the energy demand acros the cooperative to rise. Just like sitting in traffic costs drivers more money, increased demand causes co-op members’ bills to rise due to increased power supply costs.


By reducing the energy used during peak times, you help decrease the demand for energy and help lower the cost of energy used. It’s like taking cars off the road during rush hour so that no one sits in traffic wasting gas!

Time-of-Day Rates: Shows when to use energy, on-peak vs off-peak.