Where should I plant my trees and shrubs?

Remember these three things when choosing where and what to plant before you start!

1. Trees and shrubs can grow into overhead powerlines
Choose the right tree for the right place. If the wrong species is planted, this could result in the tree growing into power lines or becoming too tall and falling onto power lines.

2. Root growth can affect underground power lines
Do you have a pad-mount transformer in your yard? That green metal box is a vital part of your electric service and there are high voltage wires underground leading to the box!
Before planting, follow the instructions on your transformer box for shrub distance specifications and always call 811 before you dig to avoid a potentially serious injury.

3. Landscaping can help your home be more energy efficient
North Carolina summers can be hot! Trees and shrubs shade your home, patios, driveways and can even shade your air conditioner to help keep it cooler and running more efficiently.
Even shading the area around your home can help reduce radiation and cool the air before it reaches your home’s walls and windows.

To learn more and reference our planting guide graphics, read this Q&A article with Mike Johnson, Right-of-Way Supervisor.