Use SmartHub to Take Control of Your Monthly Bill

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The Jones and Smith families have one thing in common. They are both trying to save energy and money on their July electric bill. Fortunately for these families, they have access to Piedmont Electric’s SmartHub, a free online tool that provides a safe and secure environment for members to make bill payments, update account information and monitor daily energy usage. There’s just one problem – only one family has utilized SmartHub to take control of their energy usage and lower their monthly electric bill.

At Piedmont Electric, we empower our members to lower your monthly electric bill by providing information and tools to monitor your usage and make informed decisions about how and when you use energy. Let’s take a look at how utilizing SmartHub and other tools can help you save energy and money.

Meet the Smith family, they use SmartHub to pay their bill, but haven’t looked into the detailed usage information it provides. They think they’ve cut down on some of their energy usage throughout the month, but they aren’t sure, so it feels like a guessing game. When the Smith family gets their July bill, they are disappointed that it’s significantly higher than a normal bill. They could have saved energy and money if they tracked their energy usage on SmartHub throughout the month.

Meet the Jones family, who decided to take control of their energy usage by logging into SmartHub, a free member benefit, to monitor their daily energy usage. In doing this, they can make adjustments to their consumption and directly see the effects the next day. Daily use monitoring can also alert them to problems with their A/C and other equipment.

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SmartHub not only provides daily usage information. You can also compare past bills side-by-side and use the Average Usage tool to see usage over a given time period. Use this information to take action and help you save energy and money on your bill.
Utilize SmartHub to take control of your energy usage and avoid a surprisingly high bill at

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