Winter Weather Advisory Issued for Central North Carolina

Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for our area tonight due to the combination of very cold temperatures, brisk winds and potential for black ice.  Beginning tonight, dangerously cold wind chills near or below zero will occur from late tonight thorough mid-Friday morning; be prepared as frostbite and hypothermia become threats.  In addition, make sure you’re prepared if you must travel tonight or during the Wednesday morning commute.  Areas of black ice as well as residual ice and snowpack will linger on area roads and sidewalks through mid to late morning making driving and walking outdoors treacherous.
In anticipation of the extreme cold weather affecting our area late tonight through mid-Friday morning please be aware that these temperatures will result in higher electricity usage from our members as well as all users of electricity in North Carolina.  Frigid temperatures could place record demand on our system and while we have the resources to meet our need, it’s a good idea to be extra energy aware.  This will prevent strain on the system and keep money in your wallet.  Remember, electricity is most expensive in times of peak demand.  So bundle up and follow these 101 Low-Cost/No-Cost Energy Saving Measures to help conserve energy over the next few days and throughout the year.
Please listen to NOAA Weather radio or go to for more information to follow weather in our area.  Piedmont Electric is on alert and will be providing ongoing communications and weather monitoring.  If a power outage occurs, Piedmont Electric customers should report the outage to 800.449.2667.  You can also check our online Outage Map Viewer which provides detailed outage information, including location.  If you would like to understand how power is restored after a major outage, check out our “Steps to Restoring” graphic here.

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