Monthly Archives: May 2016

2016 Earth Day Art Contest Winners

Every year Piedmont Electric hosts an Earth Day Art contest with local K-5 schools in our electric service area. This year, we had six local elementary schools; Carolina Friends, Grady Brown, New Hope, Pathways, Stoney Creek and Woodland submit Earth Day artwork for our annual art contest contest and we… Read More»

NC co-ops lead nation in REDLG economic development funding

Piedmont Electric is a cooperative business, which means we do more than deliver electricity. We deliver on a promise to enhance life in the communities we serve by investing in education, supporting essential community services and leading innovative economic development initiatives that bring jobs to rural areas. It’s because of… Read More»

Include Home Energy Savings in Summer Vacation Plans

Many people have a misconception that when they leave their home to go on a vacation, their energy bill will go down. However, automatic power users like the water heater and air conditioner still use energy even when you’re away. Consider making these adjustments before you leave town to give your… Read More»

Manage your Energy Bill with a Programmable Thermostat

  Check out these tips to take control of your electric bill with a programmable thermostat: In the summer months, simply raise your programmable thermostat 7–10°F for 8 hours, during work or sleeping hours to save energy and money. Thermostat should be situated on an interior wall away from vents,… Read More»