Include Home Energy Savings in Summer Vacation Plans


Many people have a misconception that when they leave their home to go on a vacation, their energy bill will go down. However, automatic power users like the water heater and air conditioner still use energy even when you’re away. Consider making these adjustments before you leave town to give your utility bill a break when you’re on vacation.

Water Heater.

Turn down the temperature to the lowest setting, so it doesn’t keep the water warm while you are away. Leave a reminder to turn it back up upon returning home.


Turn up the thermostat on your air conditioning system to 85 degrees to save energy while ensuring that your home doesn’t get too warm. Also, closing blinds and shades can help keep your home cooler while you are away.


Don’t keep your refrigerator or freezer too cold. Recommended temperatures are 35–38°F for the fresh food compartment and 0°F for separate freezers for long-term storage.


Turn off all lights in your home. You may want to install timers on one or two lights for security. Consider installing LED bulbs, they use about 75–80 percent less energy than traditional bulbs.


Unless you’re recording something while away, unplug all of your electronic devices, such as computers, monitors, printer, TVs, microwaves and digital clocks. Any electronics with digital displays, instant-on features or remote controls will consume energy even if they’re not in use.

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