Load Management

Load Management is one of the easiest way for members to become active in their cooperative and save some money on their monthly bill. We install load control switches on your meter and then, when we forecast very hot afternoons (the times of highest energy demand, usually between 1-6 p.m. in the summer), our switches cycle your air conditioner and turn off your electric water heater to reduce usage. This helps all of our members save money, and pays you too!

Air Conditioning Programs

During summer Load Management periods, your Central A/C (air conditioner) compressor will be cycled off.

  • Load Management: Pays $2.50/month*
    • Your compressor is cycled off about 7 minutes and back on for about 14 minutes.
  • Load Management Plus: Pays $5.00/month*
    • Your compressor is cycled off about 14 minutes and back on about 7 minutes.
  • Total Management: Pays $7.50/month*
    • Your compressor remains off for the entire control period.

*Program pays 4 months per year (June – September) 

Water Heater Program

Except for peak load emergencies, we try to limit the control of the water heater to a maximum of 4 hours in the winter and 6 hours in the summer.  In most cases you will not notice when we control because your water heater tank will have a reserve of hot water ready for your use.

  • Full Management: pays $1/month**

**Program pays 12 months per year 

How Does the Switch Work?

The load management switch is power line controlled. On days when the demand for electricity is critically high, we will transmit a signal through the wires from our office to cycle the air conditioners and/or water heaters off in your home. The HVAC fan will continue to run in the home and your water heater will hold a reserve of hot water—you should notice little difference in your comfort. The combined effect of all the switches on our system allows for a reduction in peak demand.

Special Incentive

If you sign up for the air conditioning load management program, you will receive a one-time $25 credit on your electric bill with a minimum one year participation in the program.

Interested in Signing Up?

Fill out the form below or call 800.222.3107 to speak to a representative.

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Note: A/C Load Management switches cannot be applied to multi stage A/C units (16 SEER or higher), mini split systems or geothermal.
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