Community Solar

About Community Solar Program

This solar project represents a lower cost and lower risk way for members to get involved with solar technology. Participating in community solar is also a way for members to utilize locally produced, clean energy to help offset their carbon footprint. And because it’s a community-shared resource, participants can support renewable energy for a more affordable price.

At Piedmont Electric, we believe solar power can be responsibly incorporated as an energy source. We currently have two solar fields, one at our Roxboro office and the other at our Caswell office. Altogether our solar fields have 1,854 panels, which have the potential to generate up to 2,500 kWhs of electricity each day—that’s enough energy to power 70 average-sized homes for a day! This solar project represents a lower cost (and lower risk) way for members to get involved with solar technology.

community solar
Caswell Community Solar Field
roxboro community solar
Roxboro Community Solar Field

Community Solar FAQs

To provide an affordable option for members to participate in renewable solar energy on a voluntary basis. It’s also one of the only ways for renters to participate in solar.

Piedmont Electric members can subscribe to the rights of the energy output from solar panels for $2.50 per panel/month. A member can subscribe to a maximum of 25 panels. You must fill out the Community Solar Participant Agreement and email it to or call 800.222.3107.

The credit is based on the community solar’s monthly kilowatt-hour generation from the number of subscribed panels times the energy credit listed in our small qualifying facilities rate schedule. Click here for the current rate schedule and view page 63 of the rate schedule.

The solar panels continue to work even when the sun is not shining brightly; however, the output is limited.

Piedmont Electric is responsible for all maintenance and repairs of the community solar project.

No, you are not purchasing solar panels. You are subscribing to the production output of a solar panel.

This agreement shall be effective on the first month following the date of a signed agreement and shall continue until either 1) the program is discontinued; 2) the member notifies Piedmont Electric that they wish to discontinue participation in the program; or 3) electric service is discontinued.

  • Low cost way to tap into the power of the sun.
  • No hassling with maintenance; we’ll take care of that!
  • Our site is well-suited for solar panels, so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of the sun’s potential.
  • Site suitability is often an issue with solar installations.
  • Perfect for renters who want to be involved with renewable energy.
  • No red tape with zoning restrictions or homeowners’ associations.
  • Solar energy production will be credited directly to your electric bill.
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