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In this day of counting steps, counting calories and even counting how many hours we sleep, we want to make keeping track of your energy use just as easy! As your trusted energy partner, we provide you with the information you need to better manage your energy use and your bill.

Daily alerts

Want to know how much energy you used yesterday? Simply login to SmartHub or download the SmartHub app in the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store. Through SmartHub, you can pay your bill, ask a question and of course, track your usage.

Want the information to come to you? Simply sign up for a daily alert to be emailed to you each day. Signing up is easy!

  1. Log in to SmartHub
  2. Select “Notifications” and then select “Manage Contacts” to set up your email address.
  3. Next, select “Notifications”, then “Manage Notifications” and under “Reports” select “Usage Emails”.

Piedmont Report Email

Perhaps daily emails are a bit too much for you. That’s OK! If you provide us with your email, you will receive a monthly usage overview. It shows a breakdown of your energy usage from month to month. This provides information on your usage patterns and the effectiveness of your efforts to reduce energy. If your usage has increased from the previous month, the report details some possible reasons for the increase and includes tips about how to decrease usage for the next month.

Mid-cycle Alerts

These alerts will detail your energy use for the first two weeks of your billing cycle and predict what you might use the rest of the month. These proactive bill notifications enable members to take action if they’re headed towards receiving an unusually high bill. All members are opted in to this report.

Usage Warning Alerts

As a free service to our members, we are on the lookout for unusual spikes in your energy use. These spikes can be the result of normal, everyday changes such as differences in the weather or by having more people in your home for a few days.

However, these spikes can also signify problems with air conditioning units, heaters, water heaters, well pumps and much more. We spot and notify you of these irregularities so that you can take action before the issue results in a high bill.

We will provide you with suggestions on where to look for problems in your home and our energy experts can provide you with input on how to get the issue resolved.

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