Monthly Archives: June 2016

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Is Community Solar Right for You?

At Piedmont Electric, we think solar power can be responsibly incorporated as an energy source. That’s why we had a solar developer construct two solar fields, one at the Roxboro office and the other at the Caswell office. This solar project represents a lower cost (and lower risk) way for… Read More»

Use SmartHub’s “Usage Explorer” to Help Control Your Bill

As a member of Piedmont Electric, you are in a unique position to take advantage of energy efficiency programs offered by the cooperative. As a not-for-profit organization owned by our members, our goal is to provide safe, reliable power at the least cost for our members. This means helping you… Read More»

Tips for Beating High Summer Electric Bills

Don’t let warmer weather turn into “summertime blues” when your monthly electric bill arrives. Use these low cost energy tips from Piedmont Electric to help keep your energy use and your bill low during these warm summer months. Adjust the thermostat. During warmer months, raising the thermostat by a few… Read More»

Emergency and Non-Emergency Contact Lists

It’s important to have emergency and non-emergency contact information on hand should an incident occur. Here’s a comprehensive list of phone numbers and websites all in one place. Emergency Contact List For power outages, call Piedmont Electric Automated Outage Reporting: 1.800.449.2667 To speak to a Member Services Representative: 1.800.222.3107 Stay… Read More»