Monthly Archives: January 2018

Save up to 12% with PrePay

Take advantage of your member benefits! Piedmont Electric’s PrePay program works with your schedule by letting you pay as you use energy, just like filling your car up with gas. Benefits of PrePay • No late fees. • No deposit required. • Customize your payment schedule based on your needs.… Read More»

Winter Weather Update

The cold weather continues! Due to the cold weather, there will be no disconnects on January 17 or 18. Extended cold weather can lead to a higher energy bill because your heater has to work harder than usual to keep your home warm. Stay safe and warm while saving energy… Read More»

Steps to Restoring Power

Have you ever wondered what happens between the time when your power goes out at night and when it’s restored? We asked Serviceman Jeff Young, a veteran and lineman of over eight years, to walk us through the steps our linemen take during after-hour power outages. 11:00 p.m. When an… Read More»

Roses are red, violets are blue, savings are green!

How do your energy costs measure up to our favorite Valentine’s Day treats? (Calculations are based on a $10 stuffed teddy bear, a $15 box of chocolates and a $50 bouquet of a dozen red roses.) Stuffed teddy bear = 624 hours of running a cozy electric blanket A box… Read More»

Why does my power bill change?

Your power bill is influenced by many factors in addition to how you use energy. Read below to learn why your bill might change even if your energy usage habits have stayed the same: Weather A large portion of your home’s energy bill comes from keeping it at a comfortable… Read More»

Offices Open

Our offices are open and there will be no disconnects the rest of this week. We suggest staying off the roads if possible. Stay safe and warm!