Why does my power bill change?

Your energy bill

Your power bill is influenced by many factors in addition to how you use energy. Read below to learn why your bill might change even if your energy usage habits have stayed the same:


A large portion of your home’s energy bill comes from keeping it at a comfortable temperature. This can be difficult during extreme heat in the summer and through the freezing winter months. Even if you keep your thermostat at the recommended 68 degrees in the winter, when it is 28 degrees outside your system has to run longer than when it is 60 degrees outside. To offset these cold weather costs, caulk around your windows, draw the blinds at night and wear thick, cozy socks.

Longer Billing Cycle

The number of days in a billing cycle varies based on the number of days in a month and occasionally is altered to make sure your bill is not due on a holiday. If you would like to spread the cost evenly throughout the year, you can sign up for our budget billing program. Click here to learn more.

Lifestyle Changes

When comparing your energy bill to past usage, be sure to reflect on what might have happened during each bill cycle. If you had a long-term guest, used the oven or other large appliances more or left the lights on longer to account for shorter days, your energy bill will reflect that activity. Monitoring your daily energy use with SmartHub can help you limit your usage and save money throughout the month.

Faulty or Aging Appliances

As your appliances age, they use energy less efficiently. Your 15-year-old refrigerator requires more energy than a new ENERGY STAR® refrigerator. To receive advice on which energy-efficient appliance upgrades are right for your home, visit energystar.gov or contact one of our technical experts at 800.222.3107. As a cooperative member, you can also take advantage of a free home energy analysis where our experts will provide you with custom energy saving recommendations!

To learn more about our programs to help members save energy and money, click here or visit energystar.gov.

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