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Do the math!

PIEDMONT ELECTRIC MEMBERS + ENERGY-SAVING CALCULATORS = THE PERFECT COMBINATION One of the best ways to save money on your monthly energy bill is to have a better understanding of how you use energy. When you monitor how and when you consume energy, you’ll start to see opportunities for savings… Read More»

These low-cost energy efficiency tips can lead to big savings

Now that summer is in full swing, we’re all looking for ways to lower our energy use. By making a few low-cost energy-efficient purchases, you could see the savings reflected on your monthly energy bill. Here are a few of our favorite low-cost, but high-reward energy-savings tips: Switch out your… Read More»

Working together, we can all save money

Did you know that your own personal energy use can affect the rate that all of our members pay for power? Part of our power supply cost is determined by the energy demand by our members during peak times on the hottest days in the summer. When we take steps… Read More»

Why does my power bill rise with the summer heat?

You’re probably used to receiving a higher bill during the hot months. But there are still ways you can save energy even as the temperature rises. Here are two reasons for that higher bill, along with a few of our favorite ways to help keep it from climbing. Weather It… Read More»

Independence Day

Independence Day – Thursday, July 4 Our offices will be closed and employees will be on call.