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Did you know that your own personal energy use can affect the rate that all of our members pay for power? Part of our power supply cost is determined by the energy demand by our members during peak times on the hottest days in the summer. When we take steps to reduce the amount of energy we all use during peak times, we can reduce Piedmont Electric’s power costs. These savings are passed directly on to you!

When we work together with our fellow members to reduce our energy use, we all win! We’re proud to offer programs that make it easier for our members to reduce energy use during peak times.

Beat the Peak

When you enroll in Beat the Peak, you’ll receive text or email alerts when a peak time period is expected, reminding you to conserve energy during that timeframe. These peak times typically only last a few hours so there is little interruption to your routine.

In order to save the most during peak times, we recommend raising your thermostat by three degrees in the summer, postponing the use of hot water and major appliances and turning off unneeded lights.

You can sign up for Beat the Peak by texting BTPEAK (first and last name) to 800.222.3107.

Time-of-day rate

With a time-of-day rate, our members pay a lower rate for energy used during off-peak hours on weekdays. During the summer, on-peak hours are from 1:00 to 6:00 pm on weekdays only, so you’ll want to shift excess energy use outside of those hours.

If that coincides with your work schedule, remember to unplug any non-critical appliances before you leave and program your thermostat to turn off or raise the temperature during the on-peak times. Our smart thermostat savings program can help you save even more on a time-of-day rate.

Learn more at You can sign up for a time-of-day rate through SmartHub or by calling us at 800.222.3107.

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