Monthly Archives: May 2021

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Piedmont Electric offices will be closed and employees will be on call on Monday, May 31.

Preparation is powerful

Hurricane season officially starts on June 1. While we don’t usually get the worst of the season here in North Carolina until later in the year, we do get our fair share of summer thunderstorms now. Follow these preparation tips to make sure you’re ready the next time a storm… Read More»

Kick back, relax and save while you’re on vacation

While you’re out having fun in the sun on vacation, you can save money on your energy bill back at home. All it takes is a little planning beforehand. Before you pack for your next trip, spend a few minutes making adjustments around your home to make sure you’re not… Read More»

More is less

Yes, you read that right! As a Piedmont Electric member, the more programs you sign up for, the less your bill can be. The “bundle and save” concept isn’t just for insurance; it’s for your energy bill too! This is especially true during warm weather months as the heat affects… Read More»