More is less

Yes, you read that right! As a Piedmont Electric member, the more programs you sign up for, the less your bill can be. The “bundle and save” concept isn’t just for insurance; it’s for your energy bill too! This is especially true during warm weather months as the heat affects your cooling costs.

Here are a few programs and tools that can help you keep your bill lower during the summer.

time of day rate

Time-of-day rate

How would you like to pay a lower rate for the energy you use? When you join our time-of-day rate, you get half-priced power for the energy you use during off -peak hours. Weekends, most holidays and 19-20 hours of every weekday are considered off -peak which means there are plenty of opportunities to save money.

Learn how to sign up at

smart thermostat savings program

Smart thermostat savings program

If you own a Nest thermostat, you can receive a $50 rebate by joining our smart thermostat saving program. Plus, you’ll save money during the summer by letting Piedmont Electric make slight adjustments to your thermostat through your in-home WiFi on very hot summer days.

Claim your rebate and sign up at

load management

Load management

Sometimes it’s easier to manage your energy use when you don’t have to think about it. Our load management program does the work for you! When you sign up, you can choose to get a load control switch on your air conditioner or water heater (or both!). These will automatically cycle on and off to help you save energy and money.

Plus, you’ll get credits on your bill and an initial $25 credit just for participating. Sign up at

beat the peak

Beat the Peak

Did you know that part of our power supply cost depends on the amount of energy our co-op uses collectively during peak times? When we work together to lower use during peak times, we all save money. By joining Beat the Peak, you’ll get text or email reminders about expected peak times so you can plan to reduce your energy.

Learn more at



If you’re not paying much attention to your energy habits throughout the summer, you could end up surprised with your electric bill. Using our SmartHub app, you can easily monitor your energy use and make adjustments. You can also set up alerts and reports so you know when you’re using more energy than usual.

Download the SmartHub app for your phone or log in at

For more information, call us at 800.222.3107.