Category: Energy Efficiency

How Weather Impacts Your Electric Bill

Learn how weather, especially during summer and winter, can impact your electric bill and what you can do to keep your energy use from spiking during these months. How Weather Impacts Your Electric Bill Weather is one of the biggest factors driving your energy consumption and impacts how you heat… Read More»

Stuck at home? Make it more energy efficient!

Many of us are spending extra time at home these days. With everyone around the house more, you may see your energy bills start to rise, as well. Why not make the most of this time by finding ways to make your home more efficient and comfortable? Start with the… Read More»

6 Ways to make your home office energy efficient

Working from home, even on a temporary basis, may increase your energy use. It means that you’re spending more time using a computer, lights and other appliances at home instead of in your workplace. But by improving the energy efficiency of your home office equipment, you can save on energy… Read More»

6 Things you can do to avoid COVID-19 scams

Scammers are trying to take advantage of the misinformation and fear surrounding the coronavirus to steal your personal information and money. They may try to reach you in different ways — anything from phone calls and emails to fake charities and unauthorized vaccines. Follow these tips to protect yourself and… Read More»

Plug-in to your local EV community!

Celebrate National Drive Electric week with Piedmont Electric and Plug-in NC! Join us and local EV owners on Monday, Sept. 16 from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the Carrboro Plaza located at 104 NC-54, Carrboro, NC 27510. See and experience the world of electric vehicles! This event will have… Read More»

Renting? You can still save energy!

Use energy-efficient light bulbs Those old incandescent bulbs may be cheaper at the store than LEDs, but incandescent bulbs have a shorter life and cost more to use. Replacing just the five most frequently used lights in your apartment with ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs can save more than $65 a… Read More»

“Smart” gifts for the holidays

This holiday season, give a tech product that will help reduce their energy bills for years to come! Smart thermostat Installing a smart thermostat is one of the best ways to take control of your energy bill. Similar to a programmable thermostat, it allows you to set a schedule for… Read More»

Thermostat 101

Always avoid activating the emergency heat option on your thermostat if you have an all-electric heat pump as this option is extremely expensive. Smart Thermostats These advanced thermostats monitor your heating/cooling habits and can learn your temperature preferences. Smart thermostats may automatically adjust your home’s temperature to the most energy-efficient… Read More»

Holiday energy savings

The holidays are right around the corner. Don’t let it cost you more to keep warm. Winterize your home Maintain and inspect heating equipment and chimneys every year to confirm they’re working safely and properly. Install storm windows for better insulation. You can also cover windows with plastic (from the… Read More»

Monitor your Energy Use

At Piedmont Electric, one of our goals is to help you better understand and monitor how you use energy. We’re excited to announce the launch of our new email usage alert program designed to help our members better manage their energy use every month. This program consists of email alerts… Read More»