Category: Energy Efficiency

Timers: for more than just holiday lights

Electric timers are a holiday decorator’s best friend, but have you thought about extending their use past the new year? Timers in your electrical outlets can reduce your phantom energy use and save you money year-round! Phantom energy (a.k.a. standby power, vampire power, phantom load, ghost load) refers to the… Read More»

Control Your Bill During the Hottest Months

As a member of Piedmont Electric, you are able to to take advantage of programs and tools we offer to help maximize your energy efficiency. Our goal has always been to provide safe and reliable power at the lowest cost possible for our members. One of the ways we achieve… Read More»

Vacation planned? Save energy while you’re away!

Summer is a great time to get away for some rest and relaxation with family and friends. Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip, a relaxing beach getaway or a big family reunion, don’t forget to prepare your home so that you can save energy and money while you’re away.… Read More»

Emergency Heat Reminder

Remember: DO NOT use the emergency heat on your thermostat unless it is truly an emergency, as these settings are much more expensive to run.

Renting? You can still save energy!

Use energy-efficient light bulbs Those old incandescent bulbs may be cheaper at the store than LEDs, but incandescent bulbs have a shorter life and cost more to use. Replacing just the five most frequently used lights in your apartment with ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs can save more than $65 a… Read More»

Prepare your home for winter

As temperatures drop, many of us bump the thermostat up, which leads to higher energy use and higher bills. Prepare your home before the winter weather strikes to help manage your energy use and bill. Winterize Your Home Follow these tips to save energy and money while keeping your home… Read More»

Sign Up for Load Management Today

Piedmont Electric wants to pay you to save money! It may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what our Load Management program does for our members. What is Load Management? Piedmont Electric will install switches on your air conditioner and water heater. On hot summer afternoons our… Read More»

5 Things You Need to Be Doing to Save Energy

It happens every year: the days grow longer, the sun shines brighter and air conditioners across North Carolina start running more often. While hot weather and high energy use go hand-in-hand, there are still many things you can do to help cut back on your energy usage. HIGH ENERGY SAVINGS… Read More»

Tips for Beating High Summer Electric Bills

Don’t let warmer weather turn into “summertime blues” when your monthly electric bill arrives. Use these low cost energy tips from Piedmont Electric to help keep your energy use and your bill low during these warm summer months. Adjust the thermostat. During warmer months, raising the thermostat by a few… Read More»