"Smart" gifts for the holidays

This holiday season, give a tech product that will help reduce their energy bills for years to come!
Smart thermostat
Installing a smart thermostat is one of the best ways to take control of your energy bill. Similar to a programmable thermostat, it allows you to set a schedule for your system, so you’re not
paying to cool your home when you’re not there. But smart thermostats go a step further by learning your habits over time and creating a custom schedule to maximize your system’s performance and eliminate excess energy use. Plus, members with a Nest or Ecobee smart thermostat can sign up for more savings with our smart thermostat savings program!
Smart blinds
When set to the energy saving mode, smart blinds automatically close to keep excess heat from coming through the windows during the summer. They can also be controlled manually through an app, so if you forget to open your blinds before you leave the house on a cold day, you can conveniently close them from your smartphone.
Smart plugs
Did you know that electronic devices use energy when they’re plugged in, even if they’re not in use? This is where smart plugs can help! The smart plug goes directly in your wall outlet and the electronic device attaches to the smart plug, giving you the option to remotely cut power to the device or put it on a schedule so the power is turned off for certain devices automatically when you’re not home.
This tool is free for all members of Piedmont Electric! Our free home energy analysis tool within SmartHub allows you to see how you’re using energy every day. Then, when you make changes to your use, you can directly see the effects the next day on your dashboard.

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