Monthly Archives: August 2018

Happy Labor Day!

Our offices will be closed for the holiday and employees will be on call.

Fall is coming! Are you ready?

Can you feel it in the air? Fall is just around the corner and with it comes the reminder that as the seasons change, your home energy habits should change too. As your trusted energy advisor, Piedmont Electric is here to help you maximize energy efficiency in your home during… Read More»

Preparing for the changing seasons

Have your chimney inspected for cracks so they can be filled to prevent cool air from leaking into your home. Seal air leaks in your attic to keep conditioned air inside. If you feel a draft then you have a gap to fill! Caulk gaps around your windows to prevent… Read More»

A neighbor in need

We are stronger when we work together and we prove it each time a storm rolls through. One of the seven cooperative principles is cooperation among cooperatives which means we provide help when other co-ops are in need and they assist us when storms hit. We call this mutual aid.… Read More»

2018 Helping Hand Foundation College Scholarship Winners

Hillsborough, NC—Piedmont Electric’s Helping Hand Foundation awarded $14,000 in scholarships to seven local high school graduates. Each student received a $2,000 college scholarship from Piedmont Electric. This competitive program awards academic scholarships to outstanding college-bound students who live locally. “As an electric cooperative, Piedmont Electric strives to do more than keep the… Read More»