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Piedmont Electric Helps Beautify the Interstate

  Mebane, NC (Sept. 10, 2019) – Your local electric co-op is using its power to deliver more than electricity. Piedmont Electric has partnered with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Wildflower Program to plant a pollinator field of sunflowers alongside I-40 Westbound at the Buckhorn Road exit. These… Read More»

Save up to 12% with PrePay

Take advantage of your member benefits! Piedmont Electric’s PrePay program works with your schedule by letting you pay as you use energy, just like filling your car up with gas. Benefits of PrePay • No late fees. • No deposit required. • Customize your payment schedule based on your needs.… Read More»

Piedmont Electric’s PrePay Program

What if you could buy energy before you use it, just like putting gas in your car? The PrePay program allows participants to avoid deposits and monthly bills, customize their payment schedule, purchase energy when convenient and monitor their use online through SmartHub. PrePay participants typically see 10–12% savings on their… Read More»

Emergency Heat Reminder

Remember: DO NOT use the emergency heat on your thermostat unless it is truly an emergency, as these settings are much more expensive to run.

7 Cooperative Principles

Piedmont Electric is committed to the well-being of our members. As a co-op, we are committed to seven principles that guide us as we provide the highest-quality service.   Seven Cooperative Principles Voluntary and Open Membership You have choices about where you choose to live. We’re proud that you chose… Read More»

Working Together, We All Save.

Piedmont Electric would like to extend a special thank you to all members who participated in the Load Management suite of programs, other energy-saving programs or took steps to save energy over the last three years. We’re proud to announce that by working together, Piedmont Electric members have helped save… Read More»

Your Co-op. Your Voice.

Did you know that Piedmont Electric is a not-for-profit cooperative? Anyone who purchases electricity from Piedmont Electric is a member and owner of the cooperative. So what makes co-ops so special? NOT-FOR-PROFIT Our primary goal is to improve the lives of our members by providing safe, reliable, environmentally responsible energy… Read More»

What Does it Mean to be a Member?

Many businesses use the word “member” to describe their customers. You pay a fee to buy their goods and services, but that is really all you get for the “membership.” No right to vote for the board of directors, no ownership stake in the company, no capital credits and no… Read More»

What’s a Capital Credit?

Did you know that Piedmont Electric is a not-for-profit electric utility? That means we only collect enough revenue to cover our costs. When we collect more than we need to operate, we return the extra money back to our members as capital credits. Since 1975, Piedmont Electric has returned more… Read More»

History of the Cooperative

Our mission since 1938 has been to improve the lives of the members we serve by providing power at a good value. Our rich history not only testifies to the resiliency and strength of the cooperative business structure, but also to the tremendous fortitude of the community leaders and members… Read More»