Time Is Money: Understanding Peak Times


You’ve heard that time is money and that’s especially true when it comes to electricity use. The times of day in which you use energy is a big factor in how much Piedmont Electric pays for energy and ultimately how much we have to charge our members.

Simply put, peak times are the hours of the day when our members are using the greatest amount of electricity. During the summer, this is often on weekday afternoons during the hottest parts of the day, when people are coming home from work, cooking dinner and generally using more energy.

When this demand for energy increases across our cooperative, our power supply costs also increase since this is the most expensive type of energy to produce. This leads to higher bills for everyone.

Luckily, the opposite is also true. By working collectively to avoid excess energy use during these peak times, we can decrease the demand and help lower the cost of energy for the co-op as a whole which means savings we can pass along to you. When we talk about “beating the peak” we mean finding ways to reduce energy use during these peak times so we can all save money. This is as easy as shifting high-energy activities to other times of the day.

For more great tips visit pemc.coop/energy-saving-tips today!

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