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Energy Saving Tips for Renters and Homeowners

Renters and homeowners alike have the ability to cut energy costs by implementing low or no cost tips that can easily be put in place. Here are 5 simple ways to lower your bill during the winter: Change your air filter once a month. Keep curtains open in the daytime… Read More»

Is It Time to Replace Your Heating System?

  If your heating system is over 12 years old, it might be time to start thinking about replacing it for a new, more energy efficient electric heat pump – with frigid months ahead, you don’t want to be left in the cold. Piedmont Electric offers heat pump loans and… Read More»

Halloween Safety Tips

While Halloween can be an exciting time for children – and adults, it can also be deadly. Consider that twice as many child pedestrians are killed while walking on Halloween compared to other days of the year. With Halloween just around the corner, it is important to keep your children… Read More»

PEMC prepares for upcoming weather event and potential outages

A complex weather pattern will prevail across the North Carolina through the weekend. Moderate to heavy rain began falling across much of the central and eastern part of our state on Friday morning.  This is the beginning of a 3-day stretch that will include multiple inches of rain that could… Read More»

Use Portable Generators Safely

Portable generators can be a big help when the power is out for a long time. However, if they are not used properly, generators can pose serious safety threats, including death, due to the toxic carbon monoxide fumes they produce. Follow these tips when using a portable generator to help… Read More»

Locally Owned. Nationally Connected.

Being a member of Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation means that you are more than just a customer, you are also an owner of this company as part of the cooperative structure. Read below to find out more about what that means for you. Responsive to Member Needs The board of… Read More»

Budget Billing

What if your electric bill was the same amount? Last month… This month… Next month… 6 months from now… Budget billing is one of the easiest ways to take the uncertainty out of your monthly electric bill! When you enroll in Budget Billing, we’ll take a look at your last… Read More»

Electric Utilities Must Adapt to the Future

A message from R.G. Brecheisen, President & CEO of Piedmont Electric The electric industry is often compared with the telecom industry, which faced huge challenges as political circumstances and new technologies, like the Internet and cellular devices, changed the landscape of their business. Just like the telecom industry had to adapt to… Read More»